The Art of Palpatory Diagnosis in Oriental Medicine Book

The Art of Palpatory Diagnosis in Oriental Medicine by Skya Gardner-Abbate
forward by Mark Seem
Churchill Livingstone ISBN 0-443-07058.

The Art of Palpatory Diagnosis is an achievement in the English-language writings about Japanese-style acupuncture. The book is organized in a logical manner with a style for being used as a textbook. The section in the book on abdominal diagnosis and the umbilicus forms the core of the book. Even if you don’t follow the treatment protocols the high quality photographs are an exceptionally well done guide to this form of diagnosis. Ms. Gardner-Abbate has been practicing for 15 years and it shows in the practicality and applications of the book in both content and organization. She has successfully created a practical text with solid theoretical underpinnings. There is even one section devoted to office forms for the various modalities discussed in earlier parts of the book.
With the this text along with Birch’s weighty Reflections on the Hara and Eastland Presses’ translation of Shudo Demnei English, language readers can begin see the many dimensions of “Japanese” acupuncture. Of these, The Art of Palpatory Diagnosis may serve as a more useful introductory text for those who are learning without the benefit of a teacher.

Reviewed by Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac