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Beijing 1995

We zipped up to Beijing for a quick 5 day trip to Beijing at the end of the Shanghai trip. I hung tight to He Jae and Han, the 2 Koreans in the group.  As Koreans they could read much of the Chinese signage and they were very comfortable in the Asian environment. Although no one could believe they didn’t speak Chinese.

Shanghai 1995

A group of Emperors students went for 2 months to study in Shanghai. It was a pivotal time in China as the old buildings were being torn down and the new city was being built. All that was on the island city was the tower. Bicycles hadn’t been supplanted by cars yet. Cindi, Yvonne, David, Kia, Kathy, Hae Jae, Han, Eva – incredible time.

Beijing 2006

I gotta admit this is the only trip / vacation where I had a bad time. I went over in a bad mood, got sick, was rude, was rude to. Left a bad impression on me and undoubtably on those people around me. When not at the hospital mainly stayed in my room. Kicking myself for not accepting an invitation from Jason Robertson to join a class with Dr. Wang. Oh, well.