Pediatric Acupuncture


Pediatric Acupuncture May Loo, MD Churchill Livingston ISBN 0-443-07032-6

Pediatric Acupuncture is a fine addition to the English language body of Chinese Medicine books. Dr. Loo, who practices both Western and Asian medicine in California, is to be commended for an exciting and stimulating book.

Pediatric Acupuncture is not strictly a TCM book and often goes into 5 element theory and aspects of Japanese acupuncture styles. Practitioners may want to invest in a laser, ion pumping chords and a point stimulator after reading this book. It begins with Chinese Medical theory and clear insights into how this applies to children and their particular diseases. Those who are well studied in TCM will find the information familiar yet it is clear enough for those who are approaching the material from the outside. Especially welcome to acupuncturists are her comments about the relationships between the elements/organs, development and emotional states.

Dr. Loo easily correlates Western and Asian views and her experience in both approaches shows in this excellent book. If there is a deficit it is that there is little herbal information. Often pediatric acupuncture is seen as an oxymoron, thinking that no child will tolerate the needles. Dr. Loo assures us that this can be done and gives us some amazing photos to prove it. Once again Churchill Livingston has provided a great addition to our ever-growing library of Chinese Medicine books.

Reviewed by Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac