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Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac.

Acupuncture and Herbs

Safe, compassionate care

2001 S. Barrington Ave.

room 118
Los Angeles, CA 90025


      310- 403-7O18

          Safe, compassionate care

Welcome to Santa Monica Acupuncture and West Los Angeles Acupuncture, the website of Douglas Eisenstark. Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. has had a decades long interest in alternative health, herbology and Chinese Medicine culminating in passing the National licence and the demanding California acupuncture license (L.Ac.) in 1996.

  • Licensed 1996 by Medical Board of California
  • Office currently in West Los Angeles
  • Professor of Chinese Medicine Emperors College
  • Clinic supervisor at Emperors College and Yosan University
  • Los Angeles Free Clinic
  • Venice Family Clinic
  • Turnabout ASAP 
  • Clare Foundation
  • Step up on 2nd – Santa Monica
  • 3 study trips to China (pain manangement, hepatitis, oncology, dermatology)
  • Published: Journal of Chinese Medicine (OCT 2010) Addictions and the 5 Spirits

Douglas joins a tradition of herbs and acupuncture that have been used in Asia for thousands of years. He teaches at local schools and has also undergone advanced clinical training overseas, first in the Chinese Medical University in Shanghai and then twice at the City Traditional Hospital in Beijing. He has had experience working at the Turnabout Acupuncture Center for Addictions, and supervising students at the LA Free Clinic and the Venice Family Clinic. He is a well-respected “go-to-person” about Chinese Herbs and Chronic Hepatitis C and has taught many classes on the subject to other acupuncturists in Los Angeles.

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive issues and IBS
  • Pain
  • PMS and Menstrual disorders

Douglas believes that as well as an incredible healing modality, acupuncture can be a relaxing experience, smoothing out the jagged edges of modern life. With Douglas, the needling experience is not painful even with the most sensitive patients. The needles he uses are closer in size to the thin guitar string. They enter with a small sensation. Once the needles are in, patients often enter a Theta like state between sleep and dreaming. It is very pleasant.


New office

310- 403-7O18


Doug’s office is now at 2001 S. Barrington, room 118 in West Los Angeles in between Olympic and Santa Monica Blvds.The office is in a beautiful building called “The Garden”. His fees very reasonable for everyone and there are no additional charges for first visits. In general, unless by special arrangement, he will write you a bill that you can send that to your insurance company. Each visit is about an hour long. There is parking on the street around the corner for free. Parking on the street outfront is a one dollar per hour.