Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac.

For many years I had an interest in Chinese Medicine. This interest grew while living for 12 years in New York City’s Chinatown. After years of Taijichuan practice I read that a complete artist in Asian culture must also know the medicine as well. It was then that I resolved to go to school for this and I had my opportunity 25 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. Since then I’ve made 3 trips to China and met a number of close friends and colleagues in the Chinese Medicine field. I’m now completely enjoying life as a “Chinese Doctor”.

* Graduate ECTOM 1996 – Emperor’s College Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine
* Clinic Supervisor – Emperor’s College
* Instructor: Point Location, Chemical Dependence and CM, Herbs, Formulas, Case Review
* Turnabout Acupuncture Drug Treatment Program
* Herbalist: Yo-San University
* writer on Traditional Chinese Medicine Caregiver Magazine
* article in the book: The Compassionate Caregiver 2000
* Moderator: The Chinese Herbal Academy
* reviewer & past editor of
* Creator of Acuvideo: Finding the Acupuncture Points DVD with Huabing Wen
* 2 months clinical internship at Hua San and Zhong San Hospitals, Shanghai, China
* One month and 2 week advanced training: 1st Beijing Hospital

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine PMPH Press 2014

Music for Acupuncture 1-5 available on iTunes and at

Owner of

* MFA: Art Institute of Chicago (film and photography)
* Whitney Museum Program (art)
* University of Kansas
* One person and group shows: film, painting, sculpture, video and photography: New York, Chicago and Los Angeles