Art and Chinese Medicine

what is Taiqi.ME? well, way back when when the internet was just starting I bought the name Taiqi.com. The taiqi.com name was worth some money so I was offered enough money that I sold it. I had been doing the taiqi.com site for 16 years.  It contained a bit of information about Taichi/taiqi, reviews of books dealing with acupuncture and a lot of my art work from over the years.

The taiqi.com name is worth a lot more in Asia as one could imagine. I think there is a Taiqi car company. But mainly I think its been in the hands of domain name speculators since I sold it 15 years ago and hasn’t been used. Oh well. 

So I slickly sold it and bought the web name Taiqi.me with some money in the bank.