Auricular Acupuncture Book

Auriculotherapy Manual Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture Terry Oleson
Foreword by Raphael Nogier
Churchill Liingstone ISBN 0-443-07162-4

Terry Oleson has been working in the trenches of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) for decades and this third edition of his manual from Churchill Livingstone has a certain ring of validation. Aruicular therapy has always required some leap of faith that indeed this is acupuncture as defined by Chinese Medicine. Oleson, who teaches research methodology in acupuncture schools in Southern California, brings out page after page of research concerning this method. The third edition also benefits by a handsome layout, typeset and organization. The diagrams are still there and they integrate well with the text related to clinical studies and research. This is a practical guide as well as a scholarly text and will undoubtedly become the definitive English language text on this subject.
Oleson is to congratulated on the latest edition.

Reviewed by Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac