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What is Moxibustion, anyway? by Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. Moxa or moxibustion is the placing of burning herbs either on/near the body or on an acupuncture needle.  In China, the practice of acupuncture is know as zhen jiu which translate as acupuncture and moxibustion. This shows the importance of moxa to the entire practice of Acupuncture. […]

Qi sinking theory

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Qi sinking Etiology (same as Xu) Old age, diet, strain or stress Insufficient anti-pathogenic qi Symptoms (worse on exertion) Bearing down sensation in Middle and lower Jiao Prolapse of anus and uterus Dizziness Blurry vision Dislike of speaking Fatigue Qi fails to guide blood normally T: pale P: deficient

office of Doug Eisenstark

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Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. Acupuncture and Herbs Safe, compassionate care 2001 S. Barrington Ave. room 118 Los Angeles, CA 90025         310- 403-7O18           Safe, compassionate care Welcome to Santa Monica Acupuncture and West Los Angeles Acupuncture, the website of Douglas Eisenstark. Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. has had a decades long interest in alternative health, herbology […]


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Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. For many years I had an interest in Chinese Medicine. This interest grew while living for 12 years in New York City’s Chinatown. After years of Taijichuan practice I read that a complete artist in Asian culture must also know the medicine as well. It was then that I resolved to go […]

about Chinese Medicine

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What is Acupuncture, anyway? by Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. “Acupuncture” as we know it in the West encompasses so many modalities it may be more appropriately called Traditional Oriental Medicine. At the heart of it is the concept is that there is Qi (aka: Ki, Chi), a physical “energy force” that exists in every part of […]


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Photographs by Douglas Eisenstark China- 1995, 2002, 2005 South America 1985 musicians 1972-2002 people 1972-2007 panaramas the 70’s Culver City stereos 2006 Berlin 2007    

Taichi links

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Offered here are a number of links. Please respect their material by following any copyright restrictions they might have. These links may be from organizations that are based on the skills, reputation and charisma of an individual or group. It is’s opinion that there is no “best TaiQi” or “only way” to practice Acupuncture, […]